2013 Beyond the Gates: Preparing for Life and Work after Sewanee

It's been a month since Beyond the Gates 2013, and we've had time to reflect, critique, and plan for next year's event. Just yesterday, a long-time Beyond the Gates volunteer and internship sponsor wrote to say, "I continue to get wonderful, heart-warming, personal, handwritten notes from Sewanee students whom I interviewed at Beyond the Gates. Wow, are these kids great!"

Another volunteer remarked, "My firm doesn't offer internships and doesn't employ people right out of college, but if we did, I would be keen to hire from the group I met at Beyond the Gates." 

The alumni and parents who attend are very impressed with the students, and the students who attend are impressed by the generosity and support of the alumni and parent volunteers. 

One student wrote, "I learned so much from the weekend! It was such a helpful experience. I was unsure about what I wanted to do with my future, but after talking to everyone, I feel more confident about future career choices, along with the fact that I can actually survive after college!" Another wrote, "As the first of my family to graduate college looking for a professional job, Beyond the Gates has thoroughly established an extensive foundation on how to seek employment and succeed once employed."

To read one student's thoughts on the weekend, 

The Beyond the Gates weekend is one of the most gratifying events we organize each year, thanks to the amazing students, alumni and parents who participate! Next year will be the 10th annual, and we can't wait! 

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