Be Focused. Be Directed. Be Connected.

"Students who have started their job search early, are flexible, and can express their skills and abilities in terms of how they add value to the organization will be in the best position to seize opportunities in this (still) very competitive job market. The best advice to students is:


Collegiate Employment Research Institute 2010-11 Executive Summary [link no longer available]

This headline concisely states the philosophy we share with students on effective job search strategies. Sewanee students are very fortunate to have Sewanee alumni who are willing to "be connected" to them. A wonderful example of this premise in action occurred on Friday of Homecoming at our annual Student-Alumni Networking Luncheon.

Jay Faires C'85, former president of music and now consultant at Lionsgate, hosted a table of students interested in entertainment, media and marketing careers. In their conversation, he asked them to share their hopes and goals for their careers. One student shared her dream of interning at Nylon magazine. I don't know this because I was seated at the table. I know this because within the afternoon, Jay wrote the student and copied me to say that he had reached his connection there and that an internship at Nylon was hers. "Go live your dreams," the message ended.

I don't ascribe to the Woody Allen quip that "Ninety percent of life is just showing up." Sometimes, though, it's amazing to see what life brings you when you do.

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