Graduate and Professional School Admission Advice from Don Asher

Don Asher 2010 blogsizeDon Asher is the author of the best-selling guide to graduate and professional school admission, and he spent September 7, 2010 on Sewanee's campus. Several faculty members gathered at lunch to discuss writing letters of recommendation. Asher next led twenty students through writing exercises designed to strengthen their personal statements. That evening, he spoke to 70 students on navigating the graduate and professional school admission process: personal statements, letters of recommendation, application cycle and other details. Don Asher returns each September for students who are planning ahead!

"It was really a comprehensive answer to all of the questions about grad school I could possibly imagine. It was exactly what I was looking for. You're not really hand-fed the information about grad school as you are about college (as high school students), and this was exactly the perfect session to make me feel like I finally knew what I was supposed to be doing. It made applying to grad school so much easier and less overwhelming." -2010 Attendee

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