Sewanee partners with Real World Playbook to prepare seniors for life after graduation

Sewanee is thrilled to partner with Real World Playbook, a platform that helps students and recent graduates transition into life after school. From paying off student loans to saving for retirement, Real World Playbook’s online program, “Real World Ready”, provides students with critical knowledge and skills to thrive in life post-grad. Sewanee is committed to supporting students during this important life transition, and is excited to join top schools across the nation in launching on campus this year.

As the GPS for adulthood, Real World Playbook is leveling the playing field and democratizing knowledge by breaking down difficult to understand concepts into terms that are digestible and relevant to students. Through its engaging cartoon-based modules, Real World Ready provides a comprehensive introduction to some of the more complicated “real world” decisions and experiences, and covers everything from personal finance and health care to signing a lease and filing income taxes.

In addition to this comprehensive online educational platform, Sewanee students can explore tools and trusted resources available on Real World Playbook’s sidekick website, Here, students will find everything from sample emails and vocabulary to decoded forms and helpful services.

Founded with the mission of paying forward lessons learned from personal experience, Real World Playbook is fostering a national dialogue and movement to ease the transition into life after school. “Never before has a comprehensive resource or community existed around this critical life stage,” shares Real World Playbook founder Genevieve Ryan. “There’s something unique about this transition - it’s universal but not spoken about, and it’s our mission to start a dialogue that engages, educates, and empowers twenty-somethings to succeed when they start out in life.”

With this partnership, Sewanee is excited to join leading schools across the nation in bringing the Real World Ready Movement to our campus. We continue to find new and innovative ways to support our students and are thrilled to launch this much needed resource to prepare our students for success post-graduation.

Student Testimonials:


"Getting your life together is not as easy as people think.  The things you learn in the RWP program give you the confidence to take on some of the subjects that you might have been intimidated by in the past. Timely, relevant, applicable knowledge right at your fingertips."

"Real World Playbook gives you the foundation that you need to feel comfortable as you approach important topics that are not taught in school.  A great resource for answering the questions we all have but are too scared to admit we don't know the answers to."

“Real World Playbook’s online program gave me the basics I needed in a way that’s broken down into smaller pieces so it’s easy to understand and follow along. The site also provides helpful tools and resources, so I can refer to one place to get all the real world knowledge I need.”

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