Career & Leadership Development

Deadline: Biehl Research Fellowship

The Biehl International Research Fellowship is a self-directed social science research fellowship conducted outside of the United States, in a non-English-speaking country of the student's choice. Only Sewanee students are eligible to apply. Projects should facilitate substantial contact with the society to be studied and should be focused in one area, or a few closely-related locales, rather than several sites. Upon their return in the Advent Semester, each recipient will be required to write a research paper under faculty supervision and to present a public talk on his or her study.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2014
Eligibility: Rising juniors, rising seniors
Majors: Social Sciences majors (Anthropology, Asian Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies: Environmental Policy, History, International & Global Studies, and Political Science)
Stipend: Up to $4000
Duration of Internship: 6-10 weeks