Remote Support - Spring 2020

Remote Support

Career Center Remote Operation Plans

The Career Center staff thrives on connection with and support of our students, and we intend to provide support while our community works remotely to complete the academic year. We look forward to the day we can be together again; until then, here are the ways we will support you. Please let us know if you think of additional ways we can provide support by writing 

Virtual Individual Meetings 

Students will continue to initiate individual meetings with Career Center staff members via Handshake. (desktop or app) 

The appointments will be conducted by Zoom (or Google Video Chat/Hangout, if needed)

When creating appointments, students will select which communication method they prefer. 

  • When scheduling your appointment, please select "video call" (preferred) or "phone call".  If you select "video call" you'll find a Zoom link under the "Where" header in your Handshake appointment (on the app or desktop).  Simply click the link to request to join at your appointment time.
  • If you select "phone call", the staff member will create a GoogleCalendar appointment for the meeting and invite the student; instructions on how to join via phone will be included in the calendar event details.  Please accept the GoogleCalendar appointment and follow the directions for Zoom in the description at your appointment time. 
  • Should Zoom experience technical difficulties during your appointment, please use the chat feature to problem solve with your Career Center staff member.  Normal solutions include moving from a smartphone to a computer, turning off the video feature, moving to another platform (i.e. from Zoom to Google Hangout Meet), or if necessary rescheduling.
  • Please remember that Sewanee is in the central time zone.  When making an appointment via Handshake (both online and in the app), Time Zone is found between "days of the week" and "available appointment times"; make sure that the time that you select for your appointment aligns with our location in the central time zone.


Document Review and Virtual Interviewing

VMock will continue to be used for the review of resumes. 

For cover letters and other documents, students will create a meeting via Handshake then share the documents with the staff member via Google Drive

BigInterview and other resources

Vault: 4 Strategies for Nailing the Video Interview

Vault: Interviewing in the Time of Coronavirus

How to Prepare a Resume or a CV

Writing a Cover Letter


Internships and Funding

The deadline to apply for funding will now be April 15. 

Adjustments to 2020 Internships and Funding 

Funding for Unpaid Internships


Virtual Workshops, Events & Networking Resources

Events will now be virtual and offered via Zoom. Links will be shared on Handshake and our website.  If you need support to join any virtual session please call (931) 598-1121.  It is best to log in all virtual events 10 to 15 minutes prior to allow for any additional support necessary.

LinkedIn remains a great way to connect with Sewanee alumni. [Search > People > Filters > School: Sewanee > then apply additional filters] 

Real World: a comprehensive guide to life Beyond the Gates (See the resources section of Handshake for the access code that allows Sewanee students to receive free access to the content).

Sewanee Gateway: Use your Sewanee single sign-on (Banner username/password) to access a new platform with a wealth of alumni resources. You can search by industry expertise, location, specific areas that alumni are willing to help, by company name, by major, and by Greek organization.

Vault: 9 Job Search Tips for International Students in the Age of Coronavirus


View Recordings of Virtual Webinars

Networking and Job Searches in a pandemic (April 3, 2020)

Sewanee Women in Business (March 27, 2020)


Continue to Build Skills

ParkerDewey: remote, micro-internships/short-term projects

LinkedIn Learning: videos to learn and expand skills (not merely learning about the LinkedIn platform...content was formerly

Fee based programs such as Harvard Business School CORe, Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Essentials, Northwestern Kellogg Digital Marketing Strategies, online coding courses, and other opportunities provide students an excellent chance to remotely build skills.  University internship funding will not be allocated for such programs.


Additional Resources (list of companies that are hiring as well as those with hiring freezes)


Last updated: April 7, 2020



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