2014 Internships

What is an internship?

An internship is an arrangement to gain experience in a particular field or job function under the guidance of an supervisor or sponsor.The learning that occurs and the experience that is gained usually benefits the student participating in the internship more than it benefits the sponsor, and internships can be a valuable and integral part of a field of study.

Sewanee students are very fortunate to be able to apply for a portion of the $400,000 available in funding for otherwise-unpaid internships. Around 200 students received funding from Sewanee for the summer of 2014 to do internships in the United States and abroad.

Why do an internship?

  • Build your resume and gain valuable experience
  • Develop skills while networking with potential future colleagues
  • Students who participate in internships are more likely to have a job upon graduation than those who did not
  • Many companies hire from their former intern pool

To post an internship for a Sewanee student, please complete this form

How do I get started?

Most internship applications require a resume, cover letter, and list of references. Before you start contacting people/organizations about internships, prepare your documents in advance so that you can be ready to send them immediately upon request.

ResumeClick here to view a resume template, sample Sewanee student resumes, and guidelines to help you get started. Ask parents, professors, Sewanee's Writing Center, and Career & Leadership Development staff for feedback about your resume. When you upload your resume to TigerNet, it will be automatically reviewed by one of the Career & Leadership Development staff and sent back to you with any necessary revisions.

Cover letter: Your cover letter is where you show your knowledge, enthusiasm, and fit for the internship.

List of references

How do I find summer internships and how do I apply for them? 

The first step is to figure out what kind of career you might like to explore this summer; this will help narrow your focus in searching for internships. Once you pinpoint what you want to do, find a person who has that job, then contact them and ask them questions about their career path; this is called informational interviewing. Family, friends, neighbors, people from your faith community, professors, fellow students, and other personal contacts are wonderful resources for networking, as well as the Sewanee Gateway. The Sewanee Gateway, the online directory of all Sewanee alumni, can help you find contacts with careers in your interest area or who live in the city in which you would like to do an internship. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is a powerful tool to gain knowledge of an industry, to research companies, and to find and utilize contacts.

The best source of internships for Sewanee students is TigerNet, Sewanee’s internships and jobs database. TigerNet is the only place to find and apply for ACE (A Career Exploration) internships, opportunities (paid and unpaid) that are available exclusively to Sewanee students, offered by alumni, parents, or friends of the University. ACE Medical internships are internships with alumni of the University in medical practices, research centers, or laboratories. ACE internships can be applied for directly on TigerNet (note the deadlines: some internships have deadlines as early as February 1!)

Below is a listing of the most recent ACE internship postings on TigerNet; many more can be found by logging in:



TigerNet also has many internships with organizations not affiliated with Sewanee; be sure and look at those by selecting "Internships" under Position Type, with no keyword.

Other internship resources: A resource for Sewanee students to search for summer job and internship listings; use your Sewanee email to login. 

InternMatch- One of the largest free internship listing sites; focuses on positions with startup companies, non-profits, and other difficult-to-find opportunities. Internships (and jobs) with non-profit organizations, volunteer opportunities with community agencies; these are available domestically and in over 160 other countries. Search with keyword "internship".

Environmental Careers Organization ( The U.S.'s leading environmental careers development organization. ECO's mission is to protect and enhance the environment through the development of diverse leaders, the promotion of careers, and the inspiration of individual action. ECO accomplishes this through internships, career advice, career products, research and consulting. Search with keyword "internship".

Federal Government Internships- Searchable database of U.S. government internships and student jobs. A national database of internships for students and recent graduates. You can search jobs and post resumes to their website.

InternshipFinder- Click "Internship Job Board" to search for internships by type and location in a large database.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)- From the National Science Foundation, this site links to hundreds of research opportunities. Internships and jobs in Washington, DC.

Think Tanks- List of think tanks all over the world; apply for internships directly on each think tank's website.

Top Internships Guide - The Vault Guide to Top Internships is full of internships that represent top career opportunities. These are the opportunities with top employers that Vault's editors believe will give students the best chance to shine, develop sought-after professional skills, and burnish their résumés. Sign into the Career Insider by Vault website with your Sewanee email address, then select "Guides."

After I find and apply for internships, what should I do next?

Preparing for your interview! Practice answering interview questions by either writing down the answers or by asking someone to ask you the questions. Some internship sponsors may contact you for an interview within 1-2 days of your application, so be ready to respond.

What do I do if I get offered an unpaid internship? 

If you are offered an UNPAID internship, you can apply for funding from Sewanee. Many generous people have contributed to funding sources that enable Sewanee students to take advantage of meaningful—but unpaid— internship experiences. The usual stipend is $350 per week. If the sponsor agrees to provide you with an unpaid internship, let them know that you must apply to receive funding from Sewanee, and that you will need a letter/email of confirmation. Please request this letter as soon as you are offered the internship, since this document is critical to your internship funding application.

Need help? We are ready to offer our assistance to you every step of the way! Many opportunities are available to get the help you need. Make an appointment with a Career & Leadership Development advisor by calling Career & Leadership Development at x 1121 or emailing us at We are here to help!

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