Complete list of all 2015 University-funded summer internships‌

What is an internship?

An internship is an arrangement to gain experience in a particular field or job function under the guidance of an supervisor or sponsor.The learning that occurs and the experience that is gained usually benefits the student participating in the internship more than it benefits the sponsor. Sewanee considers internships to be a valuable and integral part of a field of study.

Currently enrolled, degree-seeking Sewanee students are very fortunate to be able to apply via TigerNet for internships and to apply for a portion of the over $415,000 available in funding for otherwise-unpaid internships. Around 165 students received funding from Sewanee for the summer of 2015 to do internships in the United States and abroad. An additional 50 students received paid internships and research assistantships through Sewanee connections. 


2016 Internship Deadlines 

Applying for funding by April 1st?  Helpful information and application here!


ACE* internships AND on-campus research assistantship applications (not for funding): February 15

ACE Medical internship applications: March 1

Biehl International Research Fellowship: March 1

Research Assistantship FUNDING applications: March 1 (for all academic research assistantships with Sewanee faculty in the sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences)

Internship FUNDING Application for unpaid internships: April 1 (for all other internships)

On-campus Summer Jobs (Sewanee HR jobs): April 1 (apply on TigerNet, when posted)


  *ACE internships are any internships that are for Sewanee students only; they can be paid or unpaid


Internships: How do I get started?

Here is a list of the steps to finding an internship this summer, along with a suggested timeline: 

1.  Get your resume in great shape.     (Nov. 1-Jan.30)

2.  Choose what occupation you want to “test drive” this summer. (Dec. 15-Jan. 30)

3.  Research and find internship opportunities.     (Dec. 15-Jan. 30)

4. Write your cover letters.     (Nov. 15-Feb. 15)

5.  Create your list of references.     (Nov. 15-Feb. 15)

6.  Apply for around 6-10 internships...and have a good backup plan.    (Feb. 1-Mar. 1; ACE deadline is Feb. 15)

7.  Prepare for your interviews.     (Feb. 1)

8.  Get an internship offer.    (Feb.-Mar.)

9.  If your internship is unpaid, apply for internship funding from Sewanee (Mar. 1 for research assistantships with Sewanee faculty; Apr. 1 for all others)

10.  Do the internship, then reflect on how it informs the next steps in your career/life path.


Need help? We are ready to offer our assistance to you every step of the way! Many opportunities are available to get the help you need. Make an appointment with a Career & Leadership Development advisor by calling Career & Leadership Development at x 1121 or emailing us at We are here to help!

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