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If you apply for many internships, you may get more than one offer. This can be very difficult to manage. You may get an internship offer from a company/organization that is not your first choice and be tempted to turn it down, hoping that your preferred choice will come through. For this reason, you are encouraged to only apply for internships that you that 1) you would love to do, and 2) that you are able to do (considering factors such as housing, transportation costs, etc.)

Although every situation is different, it is often best to accept the first offer that is given to you. This is particularly true for ACE internships, so please only apply for ones that you are truly prepared to accept.

If the internship that you have been offered is unpaid and you want to apply for funding from Sewanee, your internship sponsor will need to send you a formal letter or email that confirms that you have 1) been offered this unpaid internship, 2) the number of weeks of your internship, and 3) what your primary responsibilities will be as an intern. This document is a key component for your funding application; without it, your application will not be considered. Please request it early since it can often take weeks for a sponsor to send it to you.

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