Research and find internship opportunities

Now that you have figured out what kind of internship you want to do this summer, it is time to start looking for them.  But before you start looking, do these first:

Consider carefully WHERE you want to do an internship

As you think about where you want to be this summer, remember that housing can be very difficult to find for short-term internships, especially in cities like New York City and Washington, DC. Keep this in mind as you search for internships: only apply for those internships in areas in which you know you can find housing, such as staying with friends or family.

Polish up your professional image

Before reaching out to new contacts and applying for internships, be sure you are representing yourself in the best light.

  1. Create a polished, mistake-free resume, in PDF format, named with your name (for example: catherine-smith-RESUME.pdf)
  2. Ensure that your personal voicemail message is clear and professional
  3. Add a signature line to your outgoing emails
  4. Create a LinkedIn profile (social networking site for professionals)
  5. Review your online presence- is it appropriate, tasteful? Google yourself, as well as consider the content/settings of your Facebook page and other social media


The best source of internships for Sewanee students is TigerNet, Sewanee’s internships and jobs database (login with your Sewanee email address and use your Banner ID as your password.) TigerNet is the only place to find and apply for ACE (A Career Exploration) internships, opportunities (paid and unpaid) that are available exclusively to Sewanee students, offered by alumni, parents, or friends of the University. ACE internships can be applied for directly on TigerNet (note the deadlines: some internships have deadlines as early as February 1!), although most have a deadline of February 16, 2015.

Helpful hint: Read about the ACE internship experiences of many Sewanee students by reading their summer internship reports. 

NOTE: All non-ACE internships that are listed on Tigernet are not screened by The University of the South. Students are responsible for researching this program and, especially in the case of international internships, should be diligent about researching conditions in the country and location where the internship will be held.

Also, all of the University’s campus summer jobs are posted on TigerNet, so if you want to apply for any jobs in Sewanee over the summer, apply via TigerNet. They are usually posted in March, so check regularly to see new postings and deadlines for each job.

TigerNet ACE Application Tips:

  1. All the applications are bundled the morning after the deadline and then emailed to the internship sponsors, so it doesn’t matter whether you apply early or at the last minute.
  1. To search for all Sewanee-only ACE internships, search “ACE internship”.
  1. TigerNet also has many internships with organizations not affiliated with Sewanee; be sure and look at those by selecting "Internships" under Position Type, with no keyword.
  1. Remember the useful “star” feature that allows you to save your favorite internship opportunities so that you can come back to them.
  1. To apply for ACEs on TigerNet, you need a resume, list of two references,and a cover letter (each cover letter should be personalized to each employer).  Upload each of these documents to your "Documents" folder on TigerNet. When you upload a resume, it will automatically be reviewed by one of us here at Career & Leadership Development within 24-48 hours; we will make suggestions and changes, then send it back to you to revise it. Once it is in great shape, we will then approve it and you can begin applying for internships. If you want your cover letters reviewed, please bring them into the office during Drop-In Hours, or make an appointment at x1121.
  1. Once your documents are uploaded, go to each internship posting that you want to apply for and click the "Apply" button: there you will attach the documents that you have pre-uploaded.  The application process does not end until you have applied separately to each internship.  Remember: you can use the same resume and reference list for all your applications, but each internship application needs a different cover letter.
  1. At this point in the season, do not deterred by internships that are labeled "unpaid”, since you can apply for funding from Sewanee. To be eligible, you will need to have gotten an internship offer first, so the most important thing to do right now is to apply!  Sewanee can fund ANY unpaid internship, whether it is one you find on your own, or an unpaid ACE internship on TigerNet.  The stipend is $375 per week for up 8 weeks. You are welcome to do an internship for longer than 8 weeks, but this is the maximum number of weeks that you can receive funding.
  1. Funding is not guaranteed; around 75% of students who apply receive funding.

SEWANEE FACULTY: Research Fellowships

If you’d like to do academic research on campus this summer, ask a faculty member if this could be a possibility. Dozens of students work alongside their professors during the summer, learning the rigors and methodologies involved in academic research in the sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences. If you and your professor agree that you will be their research assistant this summer, you will need to get a letter/email of confirmation from them and apply for research fellowship funding by the funding application deadline.


The best way to find internships is within your personal network of family and friends. The next best way is to search for Sewanee alumni on LinkedIn or on the Sewanee Gateway, the online directory of all Sewanee alumni. Login with your Sewanee email address, and your Banner ID as your password (if you are a first-year student, please come the Career & Leadership Development to get access.)

Using the Advanced Search feature, you can search for alumni with careers in your interest area, who work in organizations/companies that you interested in, and/or who live in the city in which you would like to do an internship. You can them email or call them to ask them for information about their careers, internship opportunities, and advice.

Once you’ve identified a person you want to contact, write a professional-sounding email that expresses your interest. Be prepared for a slow response (you may not hear back for a week or more). If you do not hear back at all, don’t take it personally; just move on to the next contact on your list.

Example of a Sewanee alumni email

Dear Ms. Jones:

I’m a sophomore Anthropology major, and found your name on the Sewanee Gateway, the online alumni directory. I understand that you work for CNN, my favorite news source. Since I am very interested in broadcast journalism and would love to learn more about the field and hear your ideas about how to prepare for a possible career in it. I am also interested in internships and would like to know if you have any suggestions about finding ones that could provide me with some excellent experience this summer.

Do you have time for a quick informational phone call in the next week or two? Please let me know if/when you’re available. I would truly appreciate any advice you’d be willing to share with me.

Thanks in advance,

Ella Alvarez, C’17

Once you’ve established a connection with a contact or organization, be prepared to provide a resume or other application materials. Promptly respond to emails or voicemails, and send a thank-you note/email within 24 hours of any networking or interviewing activity. Be sure to update all your contacts about what you end up doing this summer; maintaining a relationship with them could be helpful later.


LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is a powerful tool to gain knowledge of an industry, to research companies, and to find and utilize contacts. Under the Jobs tab, do a keyword search for “Internships.”


  • A resource for Sewanee students to search for summer job and internship listings; use your Sewanee email to login.
  • InternMatch- One of the largest free internship listing sites; focuses on positions with startup companies, nonprofits, and other difficult-to-find opportunities.
  • Internships (and jobs) with non-profit organizations, volunteer opportunities with community agencies; these are available domestically and in over 160 other countries. Search with keyword "internship".
  • Environmental Careers Organization ( The U.S.'s leading environmental careers development organization. ECO's mission is to protect and enhance the environment through the development of diverse leaders, the promotion of careers, and the inspiration of individual action. ECO accomplishes this through internships, career advice, career products, research and consulting. Search with keyword "internship".
  • Federal Government Internships- Searchable database of U.S. government internships and student jobs.
  • A national database of internships for students and recent graduates. You can search jobs and post resumes to their website.
  • InternshipFinder- Click "Internship Job Board" to search for internships by type and location in a large database.
  • Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)- From the National Science Foundation, this site links to hundreds of research opportunities.
  • Think Tanks- List of think tanks all over the world; apply for internships directly on each think tank's website.
  • Top Internships Guide - The Vault Guide to Top Internships is full of internships that represent top career opportunities. These are the opportunities with top employers that Vault's editors believe will give students the best chance to shine, develop sought-after professional skills, and burnish their résumés. Sign into the Career Insider by Vault website with your Sewanee email address, then select "Guides."
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