Admission Timetable

Junior Year

  • Begin to research programs and fields of study by talking with faculty members and possibly alumni

Summer before Senior Year

  • Register for required standardized test
  • Study the format of the tests and possibly register for a prep course
  • Take the standardized test unless you will wait until fall
  • Consider several faculty members you will ask to provide strong letters of recommendation

Early Fall of Senior Year

  • Take the standardized test, if not taken in the summer
  • Talk with faculty members about letters of recommendation, and provide them the proper information
  • Use Interfolio to collect, save and send letters of recommendation
  • Begin to draft your statements of purpose and review with your faculty advisor; consider attending the fall workshop on writing personal statements
  • Attend annual September event with author Don Asher on the graduate school admission process

November/December of Senior Year

  • Time to apply! Most applications require an official transcript, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, any assistantship/fellowship applications and the typical biographical data
  • Send thank you notes to all who helped with your application process

April of Senior Year

  • Consider acceptances, rejections and funding sources with your faculty advisor
  • Deposit at your selected program and begin to work on housing
  • Inform everyone who helped of your plans and thank them again

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