Graduate School Testing

In most cases, you will need to take some sort of standardized test to gain admission into a graduate or professional degree program. If you are unsure about what test(s) you need to take, contact the admissions office of the school you are targeting. You can also consult this summary of the many tests available. As soon as you are aware of the testing required, you should investigate when and where the test is offered and how much the test will cost. Also, you should begin to familiarize yourself with the overall makeup of the test. Throughout your preparation, you should review the information covered in the test and take at least one practice test under timed conditions. If you need any additional help with your test preparation, you can take advantage of other services including:

Practice Tests

Many graduate school applicants familiarize themselves with test directions and question types, practice with sample tests, and study information on test-taking techniques and strategies. Very few testers achieve their full potential without some preparation and practice. Candidates should be familiar with test instructions and question types. Practice tests are available on-line at and

Learning Express Library provides an interactive online platform of practice tests and tutorial courses. There are practice tests for most graduate school exams and the Praxis, which is used as an exit exam for many educational programs. (If off campus, please contact library staff at 931-598-1363 for the correct username and password.)

Princeton Review coordinates several timed practice tests on-campus for the LSAT. These sessions are offered free of charge.

Other options

Several graduate school test preparation companies offer online courses as well as classroom courses in Nashville and Chattanooga. None of these companies is affiliated with The University of the South. A few options are:

Princeton Review is a national company that offers LSAT prep in Sewanee and a variety of other test preparation courses on-line and in Nashville.

Kaplan is a national company that offers a wide selection of test preparation courses on-line and in Chattanooga and Nashville , including graduate and professional, medicine and health sciences and English/TOEFL.

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