Career & Leadership Development

Advising Pre-Health

Advising and the Health Professions Advisory Committee

The chairs of the Health Professions Advisory Committee are the adjunct advisors for all students who have an interest in a career in any health profession, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, physical or occupational therapy, or pharmacy. 

During this meeting, students are asked to register with the Health Professions Advisory Committee so that they will receive periodic e-mail messages that inform them of advising meetings, campus events, and summer internship opportunities.

Because there is no pre-med major at Sewanee, it is particularly important that you are advised by the Committee chairs because many faculty in other departments are not as familiar with the course requirements of the various health profession schools that you may decide to attend. It is imperative that you begin the correct course selection during your first semester on campus. Thus, during the meeting students will be advised which courses they need to enroll in to begin a smooth transition as they prepare to enter the health professional school of their choice.