Career & Leadership Development

Application to Medical/Health Professions Schools

Most health profession schools require a letter of recommendation from the Health Professions Advisory Committee and/or individual letters that a student may have submitted on his or her behalf. 

The student should contact the chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee during the fall semester of his or her junior year indicating a desire to have a committee letter written. The chair will then assign the student to a subcommittee of faculty who are responsible for interviewing the student and writing a letter of recommendation on the student's behalf. The interview process is intended to assist the student in preparing for interviews at professional schools and to help the committee in preparing a letter of evaluation. When the letter is completed, the chair will review it and send it out to all of the schools on the student's application list. 

Students going through the interview process are expected to have a 3.2 GPA and to write a personal statement. Personal statements written by pre-health juniors are submitted for consideration for the Bob Davis Scholarship. Following an interview process with the Davis family, this scholarship is awarded to a rising senior who is applying to medical school.

Finally, it is highly recommended that students take an MCAT preparation course. Sewanee offers the Kaplan prep course in the spring semester.