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Strengths / Passion / Motivation / Skills

You want to put these to work when you decide where to go to work. How do people discover what these are? Networking, informational interviewing ("What do you like best about your job?") and job shadowing are great ways to learn from others. Just being in different types of work environments will reveal how well-suited those are to you and your hopes for your first job. Being around a variety of diverse professionals will allow you to hear areas where their stories resonate with you. Your "aha" moment may come through these types of exploration. You can find people to talk with via the Sewanee Gateway, LinkedIn, your parents' friends, your friends' parents, and other sources.

You may also explore careers with a Sewanee career advisor. Call our office at 931.598.1121 to make an appointment.

There are sites where you can explore and learn on-line. You'll learn a lot more, though--and make valuable career connections--by getting out and doing it yourself.