Career & Leadership Development

Pre-Health Community Service

Because a career in the health professions is a service endeavor directed at helping others, many health profession schools are interested in applicants who have already demonstrated this interest by participating in community service. 

There are many community service-based organizations in Sewanee that welcome student volunteers. 

The Sewanee Health Professions Society's (SHPS) intention is to prepare students for their future health care careers. Meetings are held monthly and are informative with guest speakers from different fields at each meeting. Volunteer opportunities are also offered, and several resources are available to members at the library (practice MCAT, GRE, career planning guides, etc.). If you are considering a career in health care, the Sewanee Health Professions Society can help you decide if health care is right for you. 

Sewanee maintains a volunteer fire department and emergency medical service that are are staffed by students, faculty and staff, and community members. To be considered for the emergency medical service, all interested parties must successfully complete the EMT course offered at Sewanee and undergo a rigorous selection process. To join the volunteer fire department, students can go through the fire classes during the second semester of their freshman year; only six students may be selected to serve due to a limited number of available spots and a minimum requirement for necessary technical skills and intellectual aptitude.

There are many other excellent community service organizations that do not require any special training.