Career & Leadership Development

Pre-Health Prospective Students

If you plan to attend The University of the South or you are currently enrolled and plan to attend medical school when you graduate, please read Information for Prospective Pre-Med/Health Students before you meet with your advisors to select courses for your first semester. It is generally best to begin your first year by enrolling in Chemistry 120 in the fall (also available in the spring). Addtionally available in the fall are Physics 103 and Biology 133. You may want to consult two sample schedules to help guide your decision-making process. These sample schedules are not exhaustive; these are only several of the potential course schedules that are available to you. 

During your first year, in addition to introductory chemistry you should also take English 101 (you need two English courses to go to medical school), calculus, and begin your language requirement. You should also take an introductory biology course in the spring of your first year. Remember you can major in any discipline as long as you take the courses that all medical schools require for admission

If you have additional questions, please contact one of the pre-health advisors: Alyssa Summers, Assistant Professor of Biology and Assistant Professor & Co-Chair of Biochemistry, and Rich Summers, Associate Dean of the College and Associate Professor of Chemistry.