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Prepare a Resume

What is a resume?

A strong resume paints a clear, concise picture of your experiences, skills and strengths. For employers, resumes work as both introductions to and reminders of potential employees; many even use resumes as guidelines for interviews. For applicants, resumes are self-evaluation tools; creating, rereading and updating your resume can help you perceive what you can offer in the job market and to construct your career goals.

Not everyone's resume will look the same or have all of the same information, but a strong resume will be well-organized and will make it easy for the reader to find key information.

Resume Worksheet- Use this if you are writing a resume for the first time; it contains detailed guidance on how to craft a resume.

Sample #1 of a Sewanee student resume

Sample #2 of a Sewanee student resume

Resume Building Blocks- Use this extensive list of sample resume entries of common Sewanee student experiences to help you craft your resume. Remember to tailor them to your own experience. Also included in this document are sample entries of commonly-held non-Sewanee jobs, such as camp counselor, server, childcare provider, etc.

Resume Power Words- Use these suggested action verbs to begin each of your entries.

(Access all the above links in one document, RESUME GUIDE)

Choosing a font for your resume


Resumes guidelines for college students:

  • Be one page in length
  • Be arranged in order of importance to the employer, emphasizing skills of use to the job/internship/position
  • Be arranged in reverse chronological order (most recent first)
  • Be printed on high-quality paper (unless sent electronically)
  • Have no typographical errors and be completely truthful
  • Have most high-school experiences removed by the junior year
According to a survey of employers,

A resume should demonstrate that the candidate has the abillity to work in a team, leadership skills, written communication skills, problem-solving skills, and a strong work ethic.