Career & Leadership Development

Sewanee Emergency Medical Service

SEMS is composed of highly motivated students who give back to the community in a unique and rewarding way. We are fully licensed medical professionals as emergency medical technicians. When someone calls 911 in Sewanee, SEMS is the ambulance service responsible for taking the call. Strokes, heart attacks, and motor vehicle crashes are just a few of the many types of medical emergencies that Sewanee EMS responds to in our community. To become a member, freshmen must apply for a seat in the EMT class, which is in session from September to May. In March, we select our new members by choosing the top performers in a tryout.  After a year of service, the cost of the class is reimbursed.

A Student Reflects on Experience as an EMT

"Like many other students, the pre-med EMTs of Sewanee can discuss their experience with shadowing doctors, conducting research, and completing internships. Unlike most other pre-med students, student EMTs of Sewanee have hundreds of stories of hands-on patient care. Joining Sewanee EMS was the best choice that I made during my Sewanee career. This service changed my life in irrevocable ways, personally and professionally. Reflecting on four years spent at Sewanee, I would imagine most people would regard some places as especially significant to their experience—perhaps All Saints’ Chapel, Green’s View, or the Perimeter Trail. For me, perhaps the most important place has been in the back of Sewanee Ambulance 418. Providing care during medical emergencies comes with a great responsibility. This stress is totally eclipsed by the reward of saving lives and learning about your own potential as a health care provider. In addition, the members of this service are a family. After all, who better can understand the difficult but satisfying lives we lead? When filling out my medical school application, I could describe my experience and write my personal statement with ease. SEMS is the best preparation for medical school that I could have hoped for."  -Former SEMS Student Director

Recent Alumni Currently Attending Medical School

Chelsea Pyle C’08
Audrey Jernigan C’09
Drew Mather C’09
Lily Colpits C’10
Jack Bullock C’11
Jennifer Bassett C’11
Ted Robinson C’11
Laura Bownes C’12